Friday, April 25, 2003

Lebanese Drag Queen called in to serve civil duty in the military


Lebanese drag queen impersonator Bassim Faghali has temporarily stopped all performance to join the military. Bassim is to serve a mandatory one year in the military according to Lebanese law, which states that all males are to serve in the military.

Bassim had had to cancel all previously scheduled appearances after he was called in. The impersonator has gained popularity all over Lebanon and the Arab world for his talent of impersonating artists mostly female singers during live concerts or surprised television appearances on shows.

His most appearances are on the weekly show "Sa'a Bi Qurb Al Habib" (An Hour By My Lover's Side) that is aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) satellite channel, and is presented by Tony Khalifeh. Bassim is hopeful that after his civil duty he will return to the scenes and will pick up where he left off.


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