Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Egypt religious leader fights gay 'plague' U.K.

Egypt's religious leader has committed himself to fighting the "plague" of gay visibility.

Additionally, Pope Shenouda III, of the Coptic Orthodox Church, has called for other leaders of different religions to help in his campaign.

The church has over 10 million members worldwide, although the majority are in Egypt. The pope is viewed as a successor of St. Mark, the evangelist who brought Christianity to Egypt during the first century, according to the religion's official encyclopedia.

In an interview with the Middle East News Agency, Shenouda said he will be hosting a summit to discuss ways on how to fight the growing visibility of gay men and women across the world.

He added that he supports all those who are against gay marriage and the appointment of gay clergy, which defies "the teachings of the holy book and threaten(s) the stability of marriage, the family and social morality."

The pope said he is currently looking to contact the World Council of Churches, the Middle East Council of Churches and councils in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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