Wednesday, November 30, 2005

UAE ministry denies reports of hormone treatments for 'gay wedding' suspects

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Interior has categorically denied reports appearing in a section of the media that 26 individuals who were held at an alleged gay wedding have been subjected to hormonal or any other treatments. An official source at the ministry rejected the statement by the US State Department spokesman.

"They [the arrrested individuals] have not been treated with hormones or any other medicines," the spokesman said. "What has been reported in the local and international media is wholly inaccurate." The source said any punishment or prescription of medicines is not the concern of the ministry.

The judiciary is the sole competent authority that can act according to the laws and constitution of the country," he said. "Only the judiciary can issue appropriate rulings as per the UAE laws.
He added that the role of the ministry was to help the arrested individuals and its obligation ended there.

The source urged the media and other concerned parties to be accurate while disseminating news. Such information should be obtained through official channels, he said. He also called on the media to refrain from exaggerating issues and publishing news without proof.


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Blogger Bradly Jones said...

They should do as they please if you ask me. These gay men have disrespected the nation and religion of people in their nation.

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9:24 AM  

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