Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sheikh Falah Al Nahyan, the Gay brother of the UAE president has been found guilty in a Swiss court of beating a US citizen with a belt at a hotel bar in Geneva in 2003.

The tribunal fined the gay sheikh 10,000 Swiss francs (£4,930, $9,820). In addition he received a suspended penalty of 540,000 francs. The judgement said that the sheikh repeatedly hit Silvano Orsi with a steel-buckled belt.

The court said the sheikh inflicted "bodily harm with the use of a dangerous object" on Mr Orsi, a resident of Rochester, New York, after Mr Orsi declined an offer of a bottle of champagne from the sheikh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His Highness Sheikh Falah bin Zayed Al Nahyan is NOT GAY as is stated in this article. He is the half brother of the current President of the U.A.E & was recently acquitted of the charges by Mr. Orsi on appeal by a Swiss Court.

On the contrary, the assault began with Mr. Orsi when the Sheikh heard someone call him GAY & therefore was outraged & this lead to the known case here.

It also strikes me how a very charming Sheikh with all the money & riches would even look at someone like Mr.Orsi. He's too fat, ugly, cheap & sickeneing to even look at or handle in my opinion. I beleieve that Mr. Orsi just had to make a big fuss coz we all know there's alot of bucks to come out of this case, so why not!!!! A story of a psycho Italian- American citizen who couldn't get to the Arab Sheikh easily, so he thought of putting the word GAY so get more supporters.
To me it's a stupid story which needs to end & it's clear to everyone that had this happened to him from someone else other than the Sheikh we would never have heard of Mr. Orsi. It's only triggered by Mr. Orsi out of jealousy & greed, more publicity, more fame, more money!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swiss Court rejects the appeal.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every Gay man who gets caught tries to have his dogs come on sites like this, and plead that he's not gay...Sheikh Falah is a big Gay Sheikh and must stop hiding his gay sexuality!

He has been caught like a GAY, and in no way has he been declared innocent by any court, he was only let off with the crime due to procedural technicalities...being innocent and being let off are two very different things!

The Swiss courts ALL confirmed the vicious belt attack. And this affair is far from over, according to the BBC of a few days ago....

Mr. Orsi a brave and respectable American and Italian man, and looks great in a business suit!

He's beautiful , and Sheikh Falah looks lke the typical GAY-RAB face and camel faced dirty pig GAY asshooooooole!

And from the news articles, Mr. Orsi has not even file one single case aksing for not even one single penny from this GAY UAE Sheikh Falah.

The very weak "blame the victm" routine and argument you are trying to advance here is not fooling anyone, and shows you are unfounded and uneducated. Show us where Orsi has asked for money????

We know you are a dog slave of the sheikh and appearing on various websites to try and save his GAY reputation.

Sheikh Falah is a PIG and pervert and violent animal without education.

He still has a lot of SWEATING to do for years, and until the European Court decides if he and Switzerland who attempted to appease him are GUILTY.

For now he will forever be known to all the world as the GAY SHEIKH of the UAE ...hahahaahaaaa.!

Latest BBC News Source of Nov 18 2009:

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Petra UAE said...

If,i say if You think you so clever to talk about Sheikh Falah without even know him why you not so smart to give ur real name?
Or your picture? Scary?
Sheikh Falah looks amazing and he is for sure not in the need to get THAT VICtIMs attention, and even if he would be gay
( What he is not !) Do you realy think that this men would be his taste?hahaha
!Sheikh Falah has an excellent taste! In everything!
And believe me this i know for sure
maybe you a relative of Mr.Orsi to think so,you say he looks good in business suit,lol,
Sheikh Falah looks excellent even in sport clouth

You not even worth to kiss the sand where Sheikh Falah is walking on,
! Bullshit.!
Think twice before you say once crapp like this!!!!! And about Europe courts we dontneed to talk! The court like to publish them self with a possibilty to get named in one breath with HH Royal
And now its pity that i wasnt that time with Sheikh Falah coz then i guess i would had slaped him not his HH loooool
I LoVe you Sheikh!!

12:43 PM  

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