Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New AIDS Statistics In Lebanon

Lebanon's National AIDS Program released new statistics for the last three years that indicate a jump in cases of gay people being diagnosed with HIV, moving from a minority to a slight majority.

In 2007, about 52 percent of cases were heterosexual while only 26 percent were homosexual (the rest being “bisexuals” or “unidentified,” standing at around 10 percent each). Homosexual cases jumped to 49 percent of the total the following year, compared to heterosexual cases (34 percent).

The percentages are shifting again this year, standing at 40 percent (heterosexual) and 34 percent (homosexual). The 2007-2009 averages stand at 41 percent of cases involving homosexuals, and 30 percent affecting heterosexuals.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Sarah. I am in a political science class which focus is on the gay and lesbian movements of the past, present, and looking toward the future. I was wondering about your post; New AIDS statistics in Lebanon. I was wondering why there is such a huge fluctuation, from year to year, in the heterosexual's and homosexual's who were part of the AIDS statistics in Lebanon? It seems as if the categories of AIDS infected people are switching places. Is there another variable to create these differences in AIDS infected in each category?

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