Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Pride, protests mix in Mexico, Lebanon / Network

While many GLBT activists participate in anti-war demonstrations in the United States and Europe, gays and lesbians in other parts of the world are breaking new ground as they publicly protest the war in Iraq.

On Friday, about 500 lesbians marched in Mexico City to protest the war, according to an Associated Press report. The event was also reportedly the first public Pride march for the city. Led by Mexico City independent lawmaker Enoe Uranga, the group marched through the city's main streets to the central plaza, where they celebrated gay pride and voiced opposition to the war.

On March 15 in Lebanon, a group of 10 gay people participated in an anti-war demonstration while displaying the rainbow flag. It was the first time gays participated in such an event while publicly stating their identity, the newspaper An-Nahar reported. In addition to the rainbow flag, gay participants in the Beirut demonstration carried a sign that read: "Out against war."

When asked if he feared being harassed, one of the group's members said, "Absolutely not. We have the right to unite and reveal our identity just like the others."